Alpine Plate Bindings

F2 Allflex Plate

Snowboarding with the Allflex plate is much easier, the snowboard goes into curves easier than with any other plate and the grip is much better. The snowboarder does not feel the vibrations during the swing, because the plate is not directly attached to the board, but only the four vertical and four horizontal rocker arms, which balance each other out. The Allflex plate contributes enormously to riding fun and aboveall to increased performance! Only flying is better!
Size: SL, GS
Compatible to Speedster Proto
for: Carve & Race

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F2 Spring Plate

The spring plate is a new generation of ALLFLEX plates. It is cut in two pieces and connected together with a spring. The biggest benefit of the spring plate is its adjustability. It allows you to adjust entrance in to the beginning of the turn, acceleration when coming out of a turn and different setting for the front side and back side turn. The biggest advantage comparing to normal plates is an easier beginning of the turn and a good grip. The spring plate is the heaviest of all the plates, but while riding it you do not really feel it. This plate is just amazing for carving. So much FUN!

for: Giant slalom, slalom, free riding, carving

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