Alpin Carving

Alpine carving - learn from professionals

For more than three decades, F2 has been developing products for alpine boarders. You can look forward to it now, because our new range covers all your race needs. We are always driven by innovation and high performance for competitive snowboarding. It's all about offering functional quality equipment for sporty riders who are looking for as much thrills as possible and love speed.



Allflex-plate on the board and patented intec-system

Get ready to win! With the F2 Allflex Plate we offer our sporty ambitious riders an absolute power tool in combination with our alpine boards. The Allflex Plate is an anti-vibration plate that allows the rider to make more radical turns with more grip without dangerous vibrations. This saves important fractions of a second - when it counts. In combination as standard in the World Cup: our patented Intec binding system for race and extreme carving. Absolutely unique due to superior handling and direct power transmission.


Brand new eliminator Line lift-off guaranteed!

Not quite new on the market, but newly revised: The Eliminator Line represents a crossover carving collection that is second to none in tuning and performance. The Eliminator itself is the most popular snowboard on the market when it comes to boardercross and freecarve action. The tight board with directional shape and long, effective edge is unbeatable and unique in alpine racing.