F2 Wakeboarding

Wakeboarding - feel the adrenaline in your body

For 15 years F2 has been developing wakeboards for the classic wakeboard facility or for you as an expert. Our wakeboards and wakeboard bindings provide a precise grip on the water when you are pulled by cable car, a motorboat or maybe even a jet ski. Your personal balance, however, you have to find for yourself.


Complete equipment around the board

At the start, tighten your knees, keep your arms stretched out, start turning the board at a right angle to the driving direction and then turn in - that’s just a little tip for rookies. Then you’re off to your first round, the ramp or the rails. And all that with our two boards, plus binding, plus impact protection vest and of course our water sports helmet, coloured to match your outfit.



It’s the connection that counts

What would a wakeboard be without the matching binding? In the jungle of bindings it was extremely important to our team to bring a model on the market, which is both user-friendly and functional enough to offer you the best support and performance. Even the newly constructed Velcro straps are arranged to distribute the pressure on on your foot perfectly. Your F2-advantage is at hand: No pressure - and thus extra laps and hours on the water.



Consistent Quality - „Made in Germany“!

There are two reasons for the extreme stability of the F2 wakeboards: On the one hand it is the well-proven wood core construction, conceived and designed in Germany, on the other hand it is the technology we use to laminate the boards, both implemented in our in-house board production in Thuringia. Since we manufacture almost all parts ourselves, and source the rest from the local neighbourhood, our supply chain is free from shortages on the world market. Also we are cheaper than our competitors - although with consistent quality. So you get best value for money plus "Made in Germany“.


We love craftsmanship

At the end of the day, we only want to deliver the perfect product. To achieve this, these four pillars stand for the core competence of our company: INNOVATION - FLEXIBILITY - TRADITION - SUSTAINABILITY. All our work is based on these four pillars. In the end we can make sure to hold a board in our hands that we and our employees proudly can launch to the market.