F2 E-Skate Boards

F2 E-Longboard

With its e-longboard, F2 is bringing a real street cruiser "Made in Germany" onto the market. If you've skated before and love speed, you'll appreciate the pop on this deck. Whether tight turns or classic carving, our e-longboard will not disappoint.
Battery capacity: 115 Wh (pair)
Motor info: 100% freewheeling 4.8 Nm torque (pair)
Runtime: 10 - 15 km range
Top speed: up to 40 km / h
Specials: Auto ON / OFF | Driving direction detection cruise control | Lighting | All in one design
Remote: Ring design | With info display. Many setting options in the ring menu

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F2 E-Scooter „E-Surfer“

With its E-SCOOTER, F2 is bringing a street legal scooter onto the market, which impresses with its technical equipment and its classic F2 design. The pneumatic tires themselves ensure a high level of driving comfort, so that even uneven terrain is absolutely child's play for our E-SCOOTER. The three speed levels allow the "surfers" to glide through the city at up to 20 km / h, so that nothing stands in the way of safe driving fun with a range of 30 km. It can also be completely folded up and has a height-adjustable handlebar. The two disc brakes ensure a reliable braking effect.
Length: 110 cm (folded: 98 cm)
Width: 56 cm
Height (handlebar): 88-117 cm (folded: 48cm)
Step surface: 48 x 16.5 cm (height: 14 cm)
Wheels (diameter x width): 215 x 55mm
Wheelbase: 90 cm
Ground clearance: 8 cm
Weight: 17 kg (battery 1.84 kg)
Material: aluminum
Speed regulation - twist grip
V-max - 20km / h
Motor power - 250 W.
Details engine - torque sensor
Starter - electric starter
Drive form - hub drive
Details battery - maintenance-free
Battery charge cycles - 500
Battery range - 30 km
Charging time battery - 6 hours
Type of battery - lithium-ion battery
Battery capacity - 301.2 Wh / 8250 mAh
Battery voltage - 36.5 V.

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Key facts:
- Foldable e-scooter with German road approval
- Solid rubber tires for good driving comfort on any terrain
- Highly safe lithium battery, up to 30 km range with gentle driving
- The A-weighted emission sound pressure level is less than 70 dB (A)
- Special regulation This article is accompanied by an EU operating permit (so-called COC).
With this, the article can be obtained from a freely selectable insurance company
of the required insurance number must be registered.