F2 Kiteboarding

Kiteboards - in love with the details and the feeling in your hands

Prior to every achievement stands the challenge to develop the best product with its best characteristics. „Technical art, manufacturing by hand, sustainability and short distances are the one side -  Mass production and lack of control are the other side of the coin. We have chosen the first“ says Bernd Flügel, CEO of F2. Our target at F2 is to improve our boards and push research and development. Therefore we collaborate with our local board-developer-team and different research institutions like KVB and Institute for construction and compound techniques from Sachsen.


Our heart beats for Efficiency and Quality

For our design team, the passion for kite surfing has started in early years. The designers Ben and Erwann have been hang gliding in their early childhood. They realised this crazy power at an early stage. They started with homemade kites and their passion for  powerkiting grew quickly, long before it started to get popular on the water.

This passion has never stopped! The next important step when it comes to design are technical inputs and the people you meet on your path.  „Both of us have graduated in engineering and have worked as aviation engineers for Airbus.  There we developed a sense for strategy, efficiency and quality. In the following we worked for other well.known brands to get better insights in the kiteboarding industry. These were the perfect preconditions to found a design company for water sports utilities.


Our patented 6-fin system

We at F2 have developed a new fin system that has never been seen on the market before and is absolutely unique. Together with our development team, our team riders were significantly involved in implementing the specifications. From now on all boards will be delivered exclusively with this upgrade. Nevertheless, the side fin holes can be closed with a locking system, so that you can still ride with four fins. The advantages of the new system are overwhelming: - 30% better upwind performance - 20% higher jumps due to optimized jump-off-performance - better board control during landing - maximum tracking - unique riding experience.


Simplicity and efficiency

„We strongly believe that design means simplicity, but also efficiency. Products should be easy to use, regardless of their level. Feeling confident in the first minutes of testing means a lot! It means that the design is in perfect harmony with the user. Efficiency has more to do with research and development. With our background in engineering, we have developed our own software which allows us to make the whole process even more efficient," say Ben & Erwann.


Passion for thinking outside the box

Using computers to shape our boards is fine but we want to get back to the roots of passion. We ride as many different boards as possible, like twintip, surf, foils, buggy, snowboards with and without wings. We go to the workshop to sit at the sewing machine and try to find other ways to build, tweak and improve our way of thinking. "Design is an ongoing process, there is no truth but different visions." - Ben, Erwann & Team


Kite Boards

Air Wood / Air Carbon

With the brand new F2 AIR STYLE we bring the most powerful weapon in the fields of freestyle, wakestyle and big air onto the market. Due to the hard flexline, the AIR gets the perfect, ultimate pop and scores with its direct handling. By using our multiaxial glass fabric and the 6 base channels, we achieve the best freestyle power and, at the same time, controlled and smooth landings. Our ICP Base is always there when you rock the park and struggle with hard landings. At the same time, the base makes your board even more durable than usual. You like it harder, more direct, lighter? Then grab our carbon version.
137 | 142 cm

Classic Lightwind Wood / Classic Lightwind Carbon

Our F2 CLASSIC LIGHTWIND WOOD is the safest bench when it comes to getting on the board. Despite its size, the "CLASSIC" is particularly light, so that even the slightest breeze is enough to feel the full performance. Due to its flat, balanced rocker line, it glides quickly and keeps you on track with its 6 fins. No matter which lakes or beaches we are on, our light wind boards are always with us! The board is also available in the even lighter, somewhat sportier carbon version. Our tip: Slightly heavier drivers in particular will be enthusiastic about the sportiness of the carbon.
149 | 159 cm

Finn Pro Model Carbon

With the F2 PROMODEL CARBON series we support the NEXT KITE GENERATION. Our concept are boards specially tailored to each rider, which combine all aspects of freestyle, wakestyle and big air. We use handmade wooden cores, coated with multiaxial glass fabric as well as the final twill carbon layers, which ensure the best freestyle power and controlled landings. With our ICP Base we make your board even more durable than usual. All boards are unique!
128 | 131 | 134 cm

Junior „See You…“

Let's get the kids on board! True to the motto: "It's never too early", we have developed our F2 JUNIOR Board. Together with our home base ELEMENT WATERSPORTS and their slogan “SEE YOU ON THE WATER”, we have developed a board concept for kids and teenagers. Forgiving basic shape and a flat rocker line are therefore already the right basic concept for a playful learning behavior. Combined with a light wood core milled thinner at the tips and a slightly concave bottom, it helps kids ride upwind and shows how easy first turns and jumps are.
109 | 119 | 129 cm

Ride Lightwind Wood

Here comes the best choice when there is little wind! Optically rather based on a classic twin-tip board, the RIDE scores points with its rather straight outline with excellent upwind properties and glides quickly thanks to its flat profile. Its light wooden core and the perfectly coordinated underwater hull also ensure the necessary grip and maximum performance in turns and all other maneuvers. All in all, we have designed the RIDE LINE with a medium flex behavior.
148 | 158 cm

Ride Wood / Ride Carbon

The new F2 RIDE WOOD is simply our all-conditions favorite when it comes to covering all riding styles with one board. Coordinated with a medium flex behavior, the new RIDE is good-natured in choppy water, helps you jibe and is still aggressive enough to take the right jump. Combined with the finest ingredients such as our Home Made wood core, the multiaxial glass fabric and our Channel Base, you can't go wrong anymore. True to the motto: push yourself to your top performance every day and learn new tricks! Only you have it in your hand ...
133 | 137 | 142 cm

Woman Shine

Kite girls want to have fun! That was exactly the motto when we developed the brand new shape for our F2 SHINE. Sporty, a bit aggressive, easy to handle and smooth. All these attributes came to mind, what our Lady Board should be equipped with. Therefore the basic shape is a little narrower, the wooden tips milled thinner and the flex softer. So you can playfully master any stormy choppy water and conjure up perfect turns. You will also like the jumping behavior - and what is best is the smooth and clean landings that our 6-channel bottom conjures up for you, so to speak. Here is your must-have for the summer: SMILE - SPARKLE - SHINE!
129 | 133 cm

Z1 Wood

The new Z1 WOOD is the best choice when there is little wind! Optically based on a classic twin-tip board, the Z1 scores above all with its low weight. Its excellent upwind properties and its flat profile allow the board to plane very quickly. Its ultra-light wooden core and the perfectly coordinated underwater hull also ensure the necessary grip and maximum performance in turns and all other maneuvers. Our ICP Base makes the boards even more durable than usual. Our tip: Be sure to combine it with our Z1 kite!
133 | 137 | 142 cm