F2 Foiling / Wing

Wingfoiling - gliding above the surface

Inspired by the hydrofoiling-trend in windsurfing, not too long ago the winging and windfoiling was created. The magic that makes this sport so unique is the learning curve and the range of use. Compared to other sports like windsurfing or kiting, winging is astonishingly easy to learn. Some dry exercises at the shore or beach are enough to give it a first try under wet conditions. This sport is also beautiful to watch: After a short learning period the wingfoilers dance easily and silently across the water.


F2 ensures an easy introduction

Your first steps will be astonishingly easy. As soon as you stand on the SUP board, the light wing feels like a toy. On the foil that is lifting you, it changes to a sporting tool. Of course all windsurfers and all boarders benefit by their experience. But after a little practice also rookies lift off like a pro. With the windsurf-hydrofoil and the SUP-hydrofiol-boards you enjoy an all-in-one board-combination. The hydrofoil itself guarantees that you will float across the water!


Technical achievements - tested and approved

Depending on your practice and your preferred way of use, the boards can vary in material and size. Also the so-called wings can vary. Therefore it is highly important to have a good team of developers and testers at your side who love what they are doing and have lots of fun with it. Together with our youngest rider , the 12-year-old Finn Flügel we are twelve months a year at different locations - and of course preferably in our own pro-center Element Watersports in Egypt.



It’s all about wing!

Its nothing but the naked truth when we claim: „We swing on every surface!“ No matter if liquid or frozen water, on asphalt - winging can be done everywhere. And this exactly describes the beauty of this new sports. One wing and unlimited possibilities for the whole family. It can easily be packed to a small bunch and is perfect on all tours.



Foil Hard Boards

Glide Cross

The GLIDE CROSS is available in three sizes and covers all needs from 75L to 120L. The ultra-compact shape of the CROSS is equipped with a double concave for easy and effortless gliding. The angular shape is also very forgiving during jumps and maneuvers, because everything can be caught and landed softly without the board tip dipping into it. All in all, a real all-in-one favorite that takes its rider straight to a new level.
Board: 75 L
Volume: 75 liters
Length: 158 cm
Width: 60 cm
Thickness: 12 cm
Board: 95 L
Volume: 95 liters
Length: 164 cm
Width: 67.5 cm
Thickness: 12 cm
Board: 120 L
Volume: 120 liters
Length: 170 cm
Width: 70 cm
Thickness: 12 cm

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Key Facts:
- Cutted diamond pad

Glide Surf

As the name SURF suggests, our new F2 Wingfoil Board SURF is the best choice when it comes to relaxed but sporty cruising. It has a double concave, making it easy to pump up. The SURF always stays on the plane, so that perfect turns can be initiated from the speed. Even when it comes to jumps and spins, the SURF is in no way inferior to its colleague CROSS.
Board: 90 L
Volume: 90 liters
Length: 160 cm
Width: 65 cm
Thickness: 12 cm
Board: 120 L
Volume: 120 liters
Length: 183 cm
Width: 74 cm
Thickness: 12 cm

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