Stand Up Paddling

Stand-up-paddling - the World Market Leader widens his portfolio

Our core competence in SUP has made us the leading supplier of the world. Every year we produce 170.000 boards with 65 different models in various sizes, designs and product categories. F2 develops materials of its own like for instance the exclusive drop stitch material. Up to 25.000 single nylon threads per square meter get manufactured in our inflateable boards and guarantee perfect stability. This is only one example of the technical highlights we offer our producers. For more than 40 years F2 is well-known to be one of the pioneers in water- and Wintersports.


Innovative heat fusing technology

This technology is revolutionising the normal double-layer-design. F2 uses a special laminating technique to attach a second layer made of highly resistant PVC to the inner core of the SUP-board. The advantage: The lightness of a single-layer-board combined with the durability of a double layer board. It’s a win-win situation!


The largest womens’ collection in the world

We love stand-up-paddling and we love our sporty and ambitious ladies! Therefore we have been doing everything for years to offer always the best and most attractive ladies’ collection Our current collection offers 12 different boards in unbelievable 26 sizes. This is to guarantee that every lady will find her personal all-time-favourite. No matter if it’s going to be our classic entry-level boards, the best selling Happyness and Shine, the touring boards or our latest SUP line GLIDE which suit perfectly to our wings. You won’t find a larger variety of boards than at F2.

DSC_8239 - Kopie

The SUP board becomes part of the family

No matter what age, if single or together  - stand-up paddling is simply great fun! Therefore our collection offers  a large selection of models for kids and teens closing the gap to the adult boards.

Our tip: We also use our SUP-boards as means of transport for toddlers and dogs - and sometimes as a set table to ensure even more fun on the water.


Specials unlimited

Our stand-up-paddling way of living should be colourful and exciting! Therefore we have developed a lot of different products completing our wide range of inflatable boards! We offer classic hand-laminated bambus-boards or PE-blown (?) training boards which are placed side-by-side to our eight different kayaks. A wide range of paddles and fins are completing our stand-up-paddle-program. Never forget: Everything works out to be better in teams!